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About Us

Why The Name Change?

We are excited to introduce our new sunless tanning solution “Body Botanicals”, formerly known as Key West Rayz TM . We have decided to discontinue all solutions and products made under the Key West Rays TM  brand worldwide.

Body Botanicals new solution will offer the best ingredients in the market today. The new solution will be 30% darker and last longer while repairing, moisturizing and protecting the skin. Our new solution will be offered in three different levels:

·         Level 1 light-medium skin

·         Level 2 medium skin

·         Level 3 medium-dark skin

All the products under the Body Botanicals brand will continue to have the original vanilla aromatherapy scent and the seven essential oils as the previous products.

The goal of rebranding our products is to make a clear distinction between our “PREMIUM QUILITY PRODUCTS” and others in the market.

Our Story:

Body Botanicals for the past 15+ years has been formulating and producing Sunless Tanning, Body, and Skincare products worldwide.  We are one of the pioneers of the sunless tanning industry. Together with some of the world’s best skin care chemists, Body Botanicals has developed the only complete skin care sunless tanning product line. 


Our sunless tanning solution contains only the highest grade ingredients offered on the market today. This unique formula not only gives you a natural long lasting tan, it moisturizes and repairs damaged skin. The formula contains seven essential oils with fruit and plant extracts, each with a specific function for producing the perfect sunless tan. Body Botanicals solution contains a refreshing vanilla aromatherapy fragrance leaving your skin fresh and rejuvenated. 

Our sunless solutions and skin care products are developed in the United States, Brazil and Europe we've collected several certifications that back up our development and manufacturing process. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't regulate sunless bronzing products, but our all of our ingredents are approved by the FDA. Body Botanicals products have been certified as skin-safe in at least 30 other countries. 

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